Bobby Williams for Georgia Governor

Bobby Williams for Governor of Georgia

Who Are The People Who Lead Us?

Americans have been led to believe the Sainted among us who attended Ivy Leaque schools and come from monied families of generational wealth are the people who are tasked by God to be our leaders.  

Those people would not let you in their homes except to work on something for their convenience.  It's us, the middle class that are where we are because our parents and grand parents sacrificed and took chance to provide a better future for each generation.  That's the American Dream not a house with a certain requisit number of bedrooms.  

We are the product of the survivors, the people who fought the wars their kind started and survived being refugees starving because the gentry did not care.  

My father's family in Northern Mississippi were as poor as church mice and scratched out a living on a sidehill farm that was mostly rocks. It was still on a dirt road until a few years ago.  The first time he ever had two pairs of new shoes in his life was when the United States Marines issued them to him.  He told me that himself. 

When the other kids had good lunches or money to buy lunch my Daddy had homemade biscuits with some bacon grease in them for flavor.  The other kids would laugh at him and it hurt him.  He was a kind and generous man to everyone and had the biggest funeral I ever saw in New Bern, North Carolina his adopted home.  I miss "The Bear" an awful lot.

My sweet mother is 89 years old and still pretty tough.  She was a teenager already living away from home as an apprentice seamstress when war in Germany began.  She soon lost touch with her family and lived the entire war on her own.  I remember stories that would curl your hair and finally she and a girlfriend slipped across the Elbe River Bridge, she recongnised the picture in a World History book I had in High School.  The GI's on the American side were not supposed to let them cross but pretty girls can be convincing.  She escaped the Russian zone and lived 5 more years in Germany before immigrating to America.  

This lady knew real danger, real hunger and genuine fear.  She told me that immediately after the war the Americans brought in food by the trainload and that the German people would have starved without America. 

My Mother Liesbeth Williams has been an American Citizen for more than 50 years.  You want to see an old lady break bad, start talking that hate America stuff around her and I honestly don't know what she would do if you tried to burn an American flag.  I'm thinking you are going to need stitches. After what she has been through I have little understanding of how compasionate and caring she is for everyone. It shames me some that she feels so much for others and I am sometimes to judgmental. 

My people were survivors and now it's my turn.  It's also my turn to do right by everyone, be honest and forthright and do my level best to do some good in the world right here in Georgia.  My parents, grandparents and all the other bones in the ground that got me here would not understand it if I did less.

I did not go to an Ivy Leaque school, I was at N. C. State.  My family never had a bunch of money but they had all the pride and honesty their heart could carry.  

I promise to do my very best.  I am not a sound bite, I am the real thing.  I want to be Governor because I don't trust the people running for this office to do anything but benefit those who gave them the money and made their candidacy possible.  I am neither a Democrat or a Republican.  I intend to serve everyone in Georgia and be a reasonable man.



You Make It Legitimate by Voting and Believing it Makes a Difference

Of all the people who will come out to run for the job of Governor in Georgia only one will make a difference, me.  The others are woven into that fabric that has been pulled over your eyes all of your adult life.  A few sound bites and they put you in a trap that forces you to vote for one or the other of the sound bites you dislike the least.  

Elect one of them and you will be certain you have a Governor who "fits in" with the other Governors you have had and who have disappointed you in the past.  

They will talk big about taxes, improving education and law and order then go along to get along like the last guy did.  Anytime you get a real question to a politician what you hear back is why it can't be done that way or why it is more complicated than the way you see it.  No it's not!

It took a bridge collapsing to get Governor Deal and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle out of their office building. If you can build a replacement bridge on one of our most heavily used Interstates in a month why does it take forever to do the rest of the road building in Georgia.? 

I question everything I see to learn it's place in the scheme of getting the job done.  Never say to me, "Thats how we have always done it."  Government is about rote, do something often enough the same way and it becomes the perptual existence.  Any policy or procedure that lasts through a couple of elections is likely to remain in force until something breaks and causes someone to ask "why."

I drove my very patient Father nuts asking why questions from the time I could talk.  God rest him Dad always tried to answer the best he knew.  His delima was every answer set up the next quesiton. He should be living in a pretty big place up in Heaven for putting up with me.

My Dad was a Mason and a Shriner just as my brother and I am today.  We take pride in supporting 22 Childrens Hospitals and Masonic Childrens Homes. Thanks Dad for making us the men we are today.

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